Buying Guide of Organic Eyebrow Pencil


Grooming and filling in your eyebrows can change your full face. Eyebrows have forever played an important role in framing our faces, and since we are still wearing masks, they have become even more of a key point. The simple way to elevate your brows is by using one of the top eyebrow pencils. In just a few strokes, they can fill in the sparse brows, whether you want a natural, subtle look or go for drama. While there are lots of product options for filling in eyebrows, the Benffee organic eyebrow pencil is a classic for a reason.  It is usually the quickest and most foolproof for hiding those times we over-tweezed, highlighting arches, and shaping and defining your brows.

How to use an eyebrow pencil

Lift the hair up

Use a clean spoolie brush or clean mascara brush to comb brow hair up. By lifting the hair, you expose the skin so your pencil has something to adhere to.

Draw a line along with the top

Draw a straight thin line starting at your arch, down quite past your bow. Feel free to exaggerate your arch a bit by drawing the line at a sharper angle. Fill in the font half of your bow by fast drawing, little lines that mimic your brows hairs. Gradually draw just past the arch to make a perfect shape.

Fill in extra gaps

For an all-around thicker, more perfect look, perform this along the length of your aches. You can also use a waterproof cream-gel technique instead of a pencil or colour stroke with a built-in paint-tip applicator.

Brush out

Rush brows back into their natural location with the spoolie or a wand. Comb the hairs up and away. This will help combine the pencil with your natural brow as well as align the hairs in the same way.

Highlight and set

Finish with a touch of highlighter just below your arch, along your bow bone. Once you have mastered filling in both brows, you will see how they cleverly frame your face and make your eyes pop. For plus staying power, go over your work with a little amount of brow powder or clear brow gel.

Pointers to bear in mind for doing thin eyebrows

· Apply a couple of drops of vitamin E or coconut oil every night before bed. These oils can help stimulate the growth of your eyebrows.

· Find your shade by playing off of your skin natural undertones, your lowlight colours and hairs highlight.

· For those of us with thin brows, it is vital to let them grow out as much as easy before grooming.

Top tip

Do not trust on a magnifying mirror. Intermittently step back and take a look at the full brow because this is how others view you. This will also permit you to view if there are any areas that need filling or thickening up.

Bear in mind that your brows are “sisters not twins” so they do not have to march rightly but we do not want them to be “long lost cousins” so practice makes right.

How to pick the right shade

The rule of thumb is to select the shade as per your eyebrow color.

· Auburn: A light or taupe blond shade

· Light hair: Blonde or grey or a darker shade

· Dark brown or black hair: dark brown or softer grey

· Brunettes: The same tone or 1 or 2 shades lighter

Go through the next section to know what to look for an organic eyebrow pencil before making a purchase.

Eyebrow pencils – a buying guide

· Pick the formula that is smooth and soft sufficient to glide on the eyebrow effortlessly.  This makes your eyebrows look stunning.

· Pick the shade that blends simply with the hair color of your brow, leaving a natural finish.

· Pick an eyebrow pencil that has both an angled tip or pointed tip along with the spoolie brush to arrange and define sparse hair.

· The eyebrow pencil should be budget-friendly and simple to use.

ተደጋግሞ የሚነሱ ጥያቄዎች

የትኛው የዓይን ዘንግ ምርት ለእርስዎ በጣም ጥሩ ነው?

ይበልጥ የተገለጹትን ጠርዞችን ለማቅረብ ሁለት መንገዶች አሉ, አንደኛው ከዓይን አጥንት እርሳስ ወይም ከእሱ ጋር እኩል ነው, እና ሌላኛው ደግሞ ከኤ አየር ውስጥ ነው. በ 2 መካከል ያለው ልዩነት የዓይን እርሳስ እርሳስ እና የጌጣጌጥ ቀለሞች እና የዓይን ዐይንዎን ፀጉር ጎድጓዳዎች.

ስለ አውሎ ነፋሱ የበለጠ ግራጫ እና ብጉር ፀጉር የበለጠ ቀለምን ለማቅረብ አብዛኛውን ጊዜ የሚያገለግል ነው. ግን, የዓይን አየሩ ፀጉር እንዲቆዩ ለማገዝ እንዲሁ ግልፅ የሆነ የጂኤል ጄል መጠቀም ይችላሉ. ለእኛ በጣም አስፈላጊ አይደለም, ነገር ግን ወፍራም የዓይን ብያማቸውን ወፍራም ሰዎች ሕይወት አሻራ ነው. አንድ የደንጋጌ ጄል ቀኑን ሙሉ በቦታው እና ፍጹም ሆኖ እንዲቆይ ይደግፋል.

ምን ነገር ነው - የዓይን ብሌን እርሳስ ወይም የዓይን ብጉር ዱቄት?

ሁለቱም ዓይነቶች የራሳቸው ጥቅሞች አሏቸው. የዓይን ብሌን እርሳሶች ተፈጥሮአዊ እይታን ለማግኘት ያገለግላሉ. እነሱ ምቹ እንደሆኑ ለመጠቀም ቀላል ናቸው እናም በጉዞ ላይ ሊጠቀሙበት ይችላሉ. በደንብ የተገለጸ እና ጠቆር ያለ እይታን ለማግኘት ሲፈልጉ የሚረዱ ጋዎችን ይጠቀሙ. እነሱ ሁሉንም ክፍት ቦታዎች ለመሙላት እና የጎብኝዎች እይታን ይሰጣሉ.

ለጀማሪዎች የትኛው የዓይን እርሳስ የትኛው ነው?

ከተጠቆመው ጫን ጋር የዓይን ብሌን እርሳስ ለጀማሪዎች ፍጹም ሊሆን ይችላል. እሱ ወይን አሪኖቹን ለመሳል ይረዳል እና የበለጠ ተፈጥሮአዊ እይታ እንዲሰጥ ይረዳል.

ለሽርሽር የዓይን ብሌኖች የላይኛው የዓይን እርሳስ ምን ዓይነት ነው?

ከእንቆቅልሽ ጫፍ ጋር የዓይን ብሌን እና የተገናኘ የ Scolie Bools ለሽርሽር የዓይን ብራቶች ፍጹም ሊሆን ይችላል. የተዘበራረቀ ጠቃሚ ምክር በተራቀቁ የዓይን ዐይን ውስጥ ሙሉ ክፍተቱን ለመሙላት ይረዳል.

የዓይን ብሌን እርሳስ በወርቅዎ ላይ አሉታዊ ተጽዕኖ አለው?

የለም አይደለም, የእይታዎን መስመሮችዎን ለመግለጽ ይረዳል. እንደምታዩት, ለሽርሽር የዓይን ብሌኖች ብዙ አስደናቂ የዐይን ብርድሎች አሉ! ለእያንዳንዱ በጀት እና በፀጉር ቀለም አንድ ነገር አለ. እንደ ባንሴሊንግ መዋቢያዎች ካሉ ታዋቂ ከሆኑ ብራንዶች ሁሉ, ለሁሉም የዓይን እርሳስ እርሳስ አለ. ለመገዛት የእርስዎ ተወዳጅ የዓይን ብሌን ምንድነው?

መሰረታዊ መረጃ
  • ዓመት ተቋቋመ
  • የንግድ ዓይነት
  • ሀገር / ክልል
  • ዋና ኢንዱስትሪ
  • ዋና ምርቶች
  • ኢንተርፕራይዝ ህጋዊ ሰው
  • ጠቅላላ ሰራተኞች
  • ዓመታዊ የውጤት እሴት
  • የወጪ ገበያ
  • የተተላለፉ ደንበኞች
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